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Your One-Stop-Shop for Vent & Duct Cleaning Services in Fort McMurray

Is there a pungent odour in your house? When was the last time you had the ducts dusted and cleaned? A dirty duct in your residential and commercial property can adversely affect the indoor air quality, which can be the source of many health issues for you, your family, and your employees. Steer clear of poor air quality, mould and bacteria, and the ill effects of an unclean duct by hiring the professionals at Paddy’s Mechanical Ltd. With experience of over 10 years, we offer our services to residential and commercial customers in Fort McMurray. 

The right balance of experience and top quality workmanship helps us to ensure our services leave you satisfied. Contact our team in Fort McMurray to get a free estimate on your duct cleaning service today. We are available to you 24/7.

Expert-Driven Duct Cleaning Services

At Paddy’s Mechanical Ltd., get reliable and prompt duct cleaning services so that you can breathe better in the comfort of your own home and workspace. Unclean ducts can cause poor air quality and ventilation, which may lead to:

Lung problems
Eye irritation

We will ensure that you breathe fresh and odourless air throughout the day with our services.

It’s Time to Get Your Ducts Cleaned If:

The air filter wasn’t changed on time
The vent covers have a prominent layer of dust over them
Your HVAC system is showing signs of mould buildup
You can hear noises in your ducts due to poor airflow
Airflow is not regular and has lost its power

Give us a call if your duct ticks any of the points mentioned above. Our experts will be there to serve you at your convenience.

Breathe Clean Air

Improve your indoor air quality, with our vent and duct cleaning services.

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